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10 best cars for a reboot. @JahJungleLion

As a young lad growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, automobiles where a major feature in my daydreaming. From playing “That’s my car!” with the mates to all out visualizing myself in the drivers seat of a sporty car passing by, it was apart of becoming a young man with goals. So we have decided to compile a list of cars that we loved to desire and wish would make a modern return. Here is the top 10 cars of our generation..

10. Toyota MR2 Spyder


Toyota caught my attention with this model around 2002. It was a two seated however it just seemed to teeter on the corny. I think it is because I never saw one “fixed up”.

9. Mazda MX3


The only reason this is on my list is because I would borrow this from my sister when I had a date in high school. I remember the interior being so concise with its design that it felt like riding in a simple cockpit. Fond memories.

8. Honda Civic DX hatch


It was that bubble butt that endeared me to this civic. That and the fact that the simplest tuning easily enhanced its aesthetics.

7. Mitsubishi 3000 GT


EVERY TIME I would see these riding by as a youth, my only thought was I wonder what a future model would like. I could always see the massive design potential in this model. I do wonder if Mitsubishi will ever try again with this one…

6. Acura Legend

Acura Legend[2]

As a west Indian, the Acura Legend was the gold standard! From the sedan to the coveted coup, you weren’t cool unless you had access to one. And although we are sure Acura technically replaced the Legend under a new tag, it would still be nice to have a modern, dedicated version under its beloved name.

5. Honda S2000

honda s2000[1]

Honda was on the right path with this two seated sport vehicle. The moment it was released it was well received and until this day it is unclear why they stopped production. Can you imagine what an updated version would look like??! Beast. Mode.

4. Honda Prelude


But before the s2000, the Honda enthusiast racer of choice was the Prelude. A well built coupe with a strong following. An updated version is being well lobbied for.

3. Toyota Supra


This Toyota has to be one of the cars most desired by our generation for an update. Annnd actually, we may get our wish in 2015. We will see..

2. Acura NSX

acura nsx[1]

Acura can be such a tease. I was nearly brought to arousal when an NSX would go screaming by. With its ultra low clearance and sexy growl, NSX was a proper wet dream. And although it tapped out around 2001, the whisper is that our generation will see its return with a vengeance!

1. Delorean


Yes. Back to the future, Marty Mcfly and the gang. But you can’t deny you aren’t curious as to how the Delorean would accept a futuristic haul over. Keep the door style, though!!!


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