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10 reasons we are following G.R.L on instagram @grl


What happens when the creator of the Pussy Cat Dolls decides that he is bored and wants to do it all over again…? G.R.L is whats happens. The new uber sexy 5 piece girl band will certainly rock your world and are set to be the next big thing in the pop music scene. Already in the charts at No.6 with there Pitbull feature song Wild Wild Wild, we decided to give your our 10 reason we are following G.R.L on instagram.

1. This is pretty obvious. There is not only 1, nor 2, nor 3, nor 4 but 5 Stunners in this group.

2. We’ve had many a discussion on the office and we are all undecided on which one of the group we fancy the most. Maybe we will just take all them.

3. They are really good dancers.

4. Paula Van Oppen can do the splits and roundhouse kicks

5. Lauren Bennett looks pretty spectacular in pink.

@laurenbennett looking absolutely stunning and pretty in pink.

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6. Photos like this make us want to pledge our allegiance to the American Flag.

7. They look like they are all great fun.

8. If you saw the 5 of them on a beach like this, would you have the balls to go over and talk to them?

9. This is the amount of hits we want to article to get when they retweet us.

10. The hardest question of all. Who’s your favourite? Leave your comments below.

Lil pool rehearsal in MIAMI!!!! #wildwildlove 😘

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Follow G.R.L now on instagram http://instagram.com/grl

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