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13 reasons why you should be following Phoenix Taylor on instagram @xphoenixtaylorx


Not many people have an opening bio on their profile that reads: Cruella Deville’s Daughter| Fetish Cabaret Performer| Fire Godess | 1/2 of Double Act Heauxxx | Body Piercer LDN. So we thought it would be a great time to Introduce to you our newest member to the LadsWishList team, Phoenix Taylor. Not only we will be shooting with her soon, she will also be reviewing sex toys for LadsWishList (Corrr, What a job, some people have all the luck).

Here are our 13 reasons why YOU should be following Phoenix Taylor on instagram.

1. She can crack the whip

Ridding on my disco ball.#performace #whip #showtime

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2. She is good at blowing.

3. Ever fancied getting a piercing? Phoenix is the girl for you.

4. If Burka’s where worn like this, the world would be a much better place for us all.

5. She is really really FIT, check out her legs and abs in this shot.

6. When she is not pulling mean faces, you can see that she is such a cutie.

7. We bet you can have a lot of fun with her.

8. Her work colleagues are really fit too.

9. We like a girl that plays with fire.

10. Errrrrr. We are lost for words, but this is what she wrote. “Who wants to try out my celibacy piercings!! Will guarantee you no sex haha immaturity with the girls at work haha”

11. You have to be very creative to take a shot like this

12. #HeauXxx

13. She wrote “Cut out my face, as you wouldn’t be looking at it anyway”. We completely agree with you on this one Phoenix x


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Follow her now on http://instagram.com/phoenix_taylor and http://www.twitter.com/xphoenixtaylorx and look out for her blog coming to LadsWishlist soon.


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