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5 secrets about #BBUK Biannca Lake REVEALED


BBUK Biannca Lake the 31 year old stripper has entered the Big Brother house and is already causing a storm.

No longer than 48 hours have past and she has already given Helen a lap dance, and has been quoted saying “Get me drunk enough and I will F&*K anyone”.


Here’s 5 things you probably didn’t know about Biannca Lake.

1. She has been a fan of getting her tits out for years, in 2012 we where at the icandy bikini showdown where Biannca went on stage and flashed everyone. (watch at 46 seconds and you will see the part where she was just about to do it)

2. She used to be part of girl band DICE with her glamour model friend Sam Grierson.


3. Unfortunately Biannca Lake and Sam Grierson are no longer friends, but take a look at this sexy shot of Sam Grierson. DAMMMM we wish they where still friends.


4. Biannca lake is originally from Hertfordshire and lives in Essex, you can follow her Biannca Lake here: @Bianncajo and her sexy flatmate Sarra Kirsty Jones here: @Sarra_Jones


5. We last spotted her at the Xclusive Touch Pool Party on May 25th 2014 –

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