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5 things I’m going to buy my girlfriend for Valentine’s and why!


My girlfriend is ever so sexy. Absolutely stunning. I suppose it’s a bit cliche and you may be thinking that everyone would say that about their girlfriend, but I can guarantee that not everyone would.

With Valentines just a stone throw away, I thought I would share these 5 things I’m going to buy my girlfriend for Valentine’s.

It all started from this picture below;


This image arouses me every time. I could look at if for days, I could even blow it up and have it as a photo for my living room to go along with my salacious sofas. Luckily for me, my girlfriend has a similar height and frame as the beautiful Victoria’s Secrets model Candice Swanepoel.

So the first item I going to buy for my girlfriend is a sexy little number for her to wear for our evening out. I chose this SALIMA – CHAMPAGNE SILKY JERSEY DEEP V MAXI DRESS. One because I have always wanted to see her in a really low plunge neckline 🙂 and two, because of its silky flow it will cover up what I want her to wear underneath. I’m very much a fan of the long split in the dress too, if you have a leggy girlfriend its such a turn on.

salima-champagne-front-577x800The second item I am going to buy for her is this ever so seductive, ultimate showgirl piece, the Judy Playsuit by Agent Provocateur. Hopefully the dress will cover up most of it, and the collar of the playsuit will fit just right and act as a choker in addition to the dress without spoiling the overall look, I will leave off the nipple covers as they wont be needed for this fantasy. I’m not a stylist but its worth a try right?


Can you imagine when she slips out of the dress and reveals the playsuit underneath? #Funtimes. The third item I am going to buy her is dinner at Roka Restaurant in Canary Wharf. I have walked past this place so many times and its looks amazing. I found this 5 star review on Flavourmag.co.uk. I will wine and dine her like a true gentlemen. Maybe I’ll start with oysters and sashimi to get the orgasmic conversations started…


After the wining and dining and orgasmic conversations, I’m going to take her home and undress her slowly leaving only the Judy playsuit on. I’m going to make her lean on my sideboard just like in the initial photo above with Candice and then caress and touch her ever so gently, but I want allow her to touch me back, the plan is to make her wait a while before she reciprocates. Her hands and body will be itching to react but I am going to play this one out slowly. After the stroking and erotocism we will be both busting to make love and I know its going to be explosive. Can you imagine how pented up will we be at the end of the night?

The fourth item is a bit cheeky, but if the night before goes to plan then it will work out just fine. I’ll place this Helena mesh long sleeve body in the bathroom and will have breakfast ready for her when she wakes. I’ll run her a shower and tell her to wear the outfit that’s in the bathroom. Helena-mesh-long-sleeve-533x800

Why you ask? Well I love perving on my girlfriend. The idea of the item above, is to keep her and me entertained. She’s loves me perving on her too, she’ll probably be blushing, but she will go along with the fantasy, I’m sure she will be up for it. I will have her prancing around my apartment all morning in the above sexy mesh outfit. Luckily my girlfriend has a higher sex drive than me, so I will serve a romantic breakfast while she is wearing this mesh bodysuit and in her mind she will know that we are going to do a morning version of last nights fantasies. The only thing she wont know is when I will pounce. You have to be stealthy with these things. If you pounce to soon you end up only having a quickkie, if you wait too long, you may find that the ship has sailed and the fun is over. Maybe I will play a little footsie under the table while she eats her breakfast to keep her entertainment and remind her that IT’S ON, AGAIN.

The fifth and final item she will receive from me will be a small token or should a say memorabilia from the night. I want to give her something that she can keep on the mantle piece in her house. Something that will rekindle the nostalgic feeling every time she sees it. I’m thinking maybe a sealed red rose or something similar?


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