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8 quick tips to pace yourself this New Years Eve


After many months filled with Miley Cyrus meme’s, twerking babies, and the torture of learning that Ben Affleck will portray the next Batman, it seems that this New Year’s Eve will certainly have plenty good reasons to have a cocktail….or five. And although most NYE revelers will not mind too much what alcoholic beverages will be provided at their venue of choice, below are just some suggestions on making the most of your night…

1. Pace yourself. No need to blackout before the clock strikes midnight. You’d only be cheating yourself.


2. Remember. “Beer before liquor, you will always get sicker. Liquor before beer, and you are in the clear.” (the same goes for wine)

3. Coat your tummy with some measure of grub before you decide to drink your way to Nirvana.

4. It may be better to start your NYE at a house party (or two) first before going to the pub. That way, your already pre-gamed once you reach the pub.


5. If you do not have any house party invites, then try to party at a venue that is all inclusive for one price. It is easier on the pockets, if you are a “heavy weight”.

6. Make love, not war. Be less concerned with the scrooge giving you the screw face in the back of the room, and more concerned with the vixen eyeing you at the end of the bar.

7. If you roll out on the solo vibe, travel light. Should you have a little too much and need a quick place to “sober up”, waking up with objects missing from your person can be a nightmare.


8. And for as much as you can, pay cash. Nearly every pub will have rushed and pressed bartenders on NYE. And it makes their life easier if they do not have to wait for you to sign your receipt. (or stop seeing doubles)

So there you have it. A quick tip guide to making the most of the last night of 2013. Have fun.


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