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9 reason why you should be following Alby Rydes on instagram @albyrydes


As stated in her instagram profile (Tats.Tits.Lips.Hips.RydesGTR) Alby Rydes is more than just your average model… Google her (when your not in your office with your boss standing over your shoulder) and you will find some pretty explicit material that we will not mention on LadsWishList. Instead we will stick to the PG version on her instagram and tell you the 9 reasons why you should be following Alby.

1. There’s a very fine line when it comes to a girl with Tattoo’s. Its pretty much like marmite (you either love it or hate it). We LOVE it.

2. She has a really cute little PUSSY.  (Look closely and you will see).

3. We bet she is a great kisser.

4. She is Baddass. 

5. Possible threesome…?

6. She is really fit.

7. She is really fit.

8. She is really fit.

9. Need we say more?

Follow her NOW http://instagram.com/albyrydes_

We literally had to add a few more to this article on 17th May 2014


9.2 Check out the abs.

9.3 She really does have a cute little pussy.

9.4 Are you thinking what we are thinking?

9.5 That moment, when the face doesn’t matter.



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