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9 reasons we are following Lolo Page on instagram @lolo_page


Model, makeup artist and creative stylist. Lolo Page isn’t our usually suspect for our instagram features, however if you look a little closer you will see, that 1. She is probably one of the most professional selfies takers we have ever seen, 2. She’s pretty stunning, 3. and very very sexy and the list can on and on and on.

Here is our 10 reason in PHOTOS why you need to be following Lolo Page on instagram.

1. Lolo is sexy and seductive, and doesn’t look like your regular chicks.

2. Being a creative, you’ll never know what style she will be in her next photo.

3. Suprise, she is now blonde.

4. And now she is purple.

5. With Lolo, night times look like this

6. Swimming pool times look like this

7. Are we seeing double?

8. Her friends look like a whole load of fun @sequoialondon

9. Pucker up, imagine what those lips can do for you.

Follow her too on instagram.com/lolo_official


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