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9 Reasons Why You Should Play Poker


Poker is a great game; you test your skill and ability against the other players, you get to meet new people, you might pick up some extra cash and you’ll definitely have fun. We also found 9 other good reasons to play the game…

Krisztina Polgar

600full-polgar-krisztina Krisztina is a Hungarian model who was a regular on the European beauty pageant circuit. Her career was filled with a number of second place finishes before she captured the Miss Adria and the Miss Earth titles. During this time she learned to play poker and decided to pursue the game. It turns out that she can turn heads with her poker skills as well. She has career earnings of over $30,000.


Christina Lindley


Christina started her modeling career when she was back-to-school shopping with her mom and was ask to pose for some clothing ads. She went on to become one of the top fitness models in the country. She also has a budding acting career.
Christina picked up poker when she watched her father play a low stakes game in Tunica, MS. Once back home in Los Angeles she began to play at the Bicycle and the Commerce casinos. She made her decision to become a professional player when her fitness sponsor asked her to give up poker in exchange for a new contract. She worked her way up to playing major tournaments and now has over $440k in winnings. One of her notable achievements is making a WPT final table at the Aviation Club in Paris.


Sara Chafak


Sara is better known to a large segment of Europe’s male population as Miss Finland. Sara began playing poker in home games and then in small tournaments in Finland. She made a big splash in the poker world during her appearance on the Shark Cage poker television show, by pulling off one of the biggest bluffs in history against a seasoned pro. You can see the lovely bluff and the lovely Miss Finland on the Full Tilt poker blog.

Tatjana Pasalic

Tatjana Pasalic

Like many of the female players on our list, Croatian Tatjana Pasalic got her start in poker as a poker commentator. When she’s not on the tournament circuit, she is either modeling or pursuing her other passion, gourmet healthy cooking. Tatjana frequently caters healthy meals for tournament poker players and publishes her recipes. One of her more famous poker moments came about when she lost a bet and had to play the World Series of Poker in a cat outfit.

pasalicShannon Elizabeth


Shannon Elizabeth first came to the attention of the male half of the world’s population via her role as the sexy exchange student in American Pie. She came to the poker world’s attention after playing in Hollywood home games and in the local Los Angeles casinos. She has also entered the WSOP and other tournaments, and has over $200k in winnings. Most notably, she proved that she was more than another Hollywood star playing poker with a runner-up finish in the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, where she defeated some of the world’s top professionals to make it to the championship round.

Clonie Gowen

clonie-gowanOne of Shannon’s friends and poker coaches was Dallas native Clonie Gowen. The former travel professional turned poker pro got her start playing in private clubs in Dallas. Those players who paid more attention to her charming southern drawl and striking good looks soon found she possessed most of their chips. Her skill at the table earned her over $1.5 million; her looks made her a frequent subject on televised poker tournaments and a Maxim magazine feature.

Charlotte Van Brabander

Charlotte-Van-BrabanderBelgian Charlotte Van Brabander is the “dream girl” for many young males. Not only is the television presenter strikingly sexy, she is also a championship gamer. Her skill at Counter Strike led her and her all female gaming team to the Electronic Sports World Cup, the gamer equivalent to the Super Bowl. Charlotte plays poker equally well and is a frequent player on the European Poker Tour.

charlotte-van-brabander-10Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree

If there was ever the perfect combination of brains and beauty it is Liv Boeree. She possesses not only a degree in astrophysics but also a European Poker Tour championship title and over $2.5 million in tournament earnings. Liv got her start in poker as a contestant on a reality show where she received coaching from some of the world’s top poker professionals. In what is a common theme of our list, Boeree also spent time as a poker commentator and presenter. As an added bonus, Liv is a decent guitarist whose love for heavy metal has earned her the nickname “the Iron Maiden.”

Kara Scott

Kara-Scott Canadian born Kara Scott is somewhat of a gypsy, having lived in Canada, the UK, and the US. She currently lives in Italy. Kara is a frequent presenter and poker commentator most notably as the “sideline” reporter for the World Series of Poker. Kara is no slouch on the poker table either with earnings of over $600,000. Her poker skills have earned her spots on several televised poker tournaments. (She was also Miss Finland’s tablemate during the famous Shark Tank episode.)

If you need further convincing the playing poker is a good pastime, consider this; the number of female players playing the game increases every day and our top 9 could have easily been a top 90.


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