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The Affects of Cuffing Season REVEALED @JahJungleLion


Almost like clockwork, the arrival of Spring seems to always signal a resurgence of single men and women in a city. One may wonder, where were all of these “single” individuals during the cold months? And THAT is a very poignant question. And that is because, the answer may strike at the heart of what is happening to the future of the human family unit. But perhaps we will get deeper on that subject in another article.

“Cuffing” season has recently been regarded as the time of year (usually during fall and winter months) when the desire to be in a monogamous and committed relationship is at its strongest. With the word “cuffing” being in relation to being tied down ( please exit gutter). And considering certain factors, that there ACTUALLY is a cuffing season, makes sense. In places where there are four distinguishable seasons (cities like Miami are exempt from this article), months where temperatures can plummet and nights grow longer seem likely the same time when individuals desire to have someone to warm them up and stay safe with in the dark. Sociology, Physiology, and Anthropology all play a major role in defining why there is such a time when humans long for companionship the most. But again, I will leave that for another day.


Interestingly, the married couple and the dating couple are each affected quite differently regarding this time of year. Take for instance the married couple. During cuffing season, their union may take on a renewed sense of contentment as they see how their single peers are scrambling to pair up before the year gets the coldest. Knowing that they have someone to lounge around with by the fireplace during a severe ice storm can be quite reassuring, whereas those single may not have found that companion in time. Therefore relegated to sit out that same storm with a large bottle of Vodka, batteries, and perhaps a four legged friend. But then, consider the dating couple. Once Spring arrives and cuffing season ends, these ones find themselves utterly reborn. Once again able to primp and prance for all the world to see like a bejeweled peacock in a room made of lights and mirrors. They feel the freedom to flirt and frolic with every attractive and available body that gives them notice, which interestingly may prompt them to find a reason to release the “temporary companion” they found for the previous cuffing months (if they ever did found anyone). Whereas the married couple may be revisited with the memories of being single and all the possibilities it afforded. Not to mention the married couple may be bombarded with the onslaught of skin and things from the single population while out in public together, which may make it difficult (albeit, temporarily) to remain focused on he/she who has keep you warm and safe throughout many seasons. and sadly, there are MANY individuals in marriages that become shortsighted during these temptatious months and will seek out trivial reasons to treat their mates in a supercilious fashion and let their union disintegrate. Only to regret their decision months later.

But what is the point? Really, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Envy not what seemingly makes another happy when you know not how their heart operates. And if you thrive off of the single life where the cuffing season, with its constant promise of rebirth, is your Nirvana… then carry on! And if you are permanently “cuffed”? Take heart, there is not much in life that can rival the joy that comes with finding the one whom you can share your seasons with.

By Lex Young


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