Home News Why Being attacked by Aliens would be good for Earth! @JahJungleLion

Why Being attacked by Aliens would be good for Earth! @JahJungleLion


Sure, the countless books, movies, and television shows that depict earth being invaded by ruthless beings, usually ends up not being a great experience for the average earthling. Yet, considering the state of our world currently, an alien attack may actually be a good thing for our planet. Here are a few reasons…

For one, all of earth would finally know for a certainty that we are not alone in the universe. Why would that be good, you may ask? Well that ends up being one less idea that divides us as a species.

Also, considering the turmoil and slaughter going in in Israel, Gaza, Iraq, and other parts of the world, surely they would be less concerned with land control and religious affiliation and more concerned with joining forces to kick major alien butt!

North Korea would finally have legitimate reasons to fire missiles. However, they may want to take all the credit when the aliens are finally defeated.

And finally, the world would have a glimpse of what life would be like if we work as one instead of against each other, and hopefully learn from it.

Unless, of course, the aliens all look like Brazilian models. Then we would be royally screwed, as we would fight each other harder than ever just to have the chance to be “probed”.


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