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Beyonce: How far is too far…? @JahJungleLion


To be fair, the entertainment industry has had an affinity for “shock value” for quite a long time. You know, those (audio or visual) clips that are added to  movies and music that depict events that were riddled with scandal or tragedy that help increase rotation, ratings, or sales but also tend to alienate and offend those that are or were directly involved with said events.

Quite recently, however,  some would say that was brought to a whole new low. Now that the enchantment has worn off over that the surprise release of Beyonce’s latest album, many have since had the opportunity to take a closer listen to the songs included. And on 30/12/2013, Beyonce has been slammed regarding the audio clip that is included in the track “XO”. The audio clip is that of one of the astronauts that were killed a few moments before the 1986 Challenger shuttle exploded and also killed six other crew members aboard. The actual astronaut whose voice is on the clip is Steve Nesbitt. And although Beyonce has since issued an apology, both former and current NASA astronauts and Challenger family members have expressed their fury regarding the inclusion of said clip and feel it is a tactless use of tragedy to boost a pop song.

The exclusive statement made by Beyonce to ABC news can be viewed here http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/beyonce-slammed-sampling-shuttle-tragedy-album/story?id=21365376

But what do you think? Should she be excused or accused?


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