Home News The birth of the internet baby by MTS 3GPLUS

The birth of the internet baby by MTS 3GPLUS


A labour room, and woman being coaxed by the Dr to push, a father to be and nurses. What happen’s next is something you probably haven’t seen before. Out pops a baby, not an ordinary baby and internet ready baby, who takes his fathers tablet and googles “how to cut the umbilical cord”. He then signals to the nurse for the scissors and snips.

That’s the birth of the internet baby by MTS 3GPLUS, and the action doesn’t stop there, we see this CGI baby, uploading pics to instagram and recording videos and literally doing all the social networking we could only dream of, literally from birth.

The campaign is conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, who brought the narrative to life by combining cutting-edge graphics technology with exceptional visual storytelling. Creating a human from scratch in CGI is one of the hardest challenges still posed by post-production; and creating a baby with such detailed characterful qualities and emotions was a whole new challenge on top of that.


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