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Dairy of a fitness model: Lisa Welham @lisawelham @snhfoto


Professional Contemporary and Latin dancer, level 3 qualified personal trainer and master tabata instructor. Lisa tore her rectus femoris a year ago and couldn’t perform for 6 months so she decided it was the perfect time to study for her PT qualification. “I’d needed a new challenge other than dance for a while so decided to put all my efforts into the WBFF diva fitness competition. I am now juggling a career of dance and fitness and I LOVE it!”. Training is part of my job as Professional dancer. My usual week when I’m working on a dance project looks like this:


Monday – 10am-11.30am  Ballet class followed by 6 hours of rehearsals

Tuesday – 10am-11.30am  Contemporary class followed by 6 hours of rehearsals

Wednesday – 10am-11.30am Yoga class followed by 6 hours of rehearsals

Thursday – 10am-11.30am Ballet class followed by 6 hours of rehearsals

Friday – 10am-11.30am  Contemporary class followed by 6 hours of rehearsals

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

Although my rest days are sometimes taken up with rehearsals for a different job or teaching tabata.

My weeks are extremely inconsistent when it comes to the content of what I do but very consistent in the way that I am always active. I think the variety also helps my body stay on form!


Quick fire questions

Do you stretch before you train?
I always stretch before I train whether its gym training or a dance class.

How long do you do cardio for?
I very rarely do added cardio at the gym. My cardio exercise comes from rehearsing and performing dance shows.

What time do you go to the gym?
I don’t have specific gym days or times as my work/dance schedule varies from week to week so it is nearly impossible for me to plan the same days and times each week. I just make sure that I am active 5 times per week and my workouts differ depending on where and what project I’m working on.

What do you do after training?
After training I like to spend a bit of time listening to music rolling on my trigger point foam roller, have a nice soak in the bath and EAT.

What is your favourite exercise?
My favourite form of exercise at the moment is tabata training. 4 minutes of high intensity interval training using a mix of full body movements that get you moving up and down and off the floor. I like exercises that are not static and that challenge the body in as many ways as possible.

How many times per week do you train?
I train on average 5 times per week and usually a mix of dance and tabata.


Anything else?
I believe that I have attained my body condition mainly through years of dance training. I think it’s important to challenge the body in ways other than just the gym and I also think it’s more fun to have variety. Sometimes the gym (if over done and no other kind of training) can limit the range of motion the body has and doesn’t necessarily encourage elegance, co-ordination or length in the muscles. In the new year I will be setting up my own classes and personal fitness programs with a good balance of dance and fitness which will sculpt a feminine, toned physique without bulking or feeling stiff.

Keep an eye out on her social media for more updates 

https://www.facebook.com/lisawelhamwbffpro | https://twitter.com/lisawelham

Website under construction – www.lisawelham.com

Photo’s courtesy of SNHFoto


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