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Dear PC World @jessicab_diva


Yes.. That’s right… Diva here…

Yes.. Me again.. Your worst nightmare..

I literally hear the clattering of teeth as soon as I walk onto the shop floor. Good.

I have written several “Dear Sony” letters off the back of THE most ridiculous investment I bought from you, a highly sophisticated (Freudian slip.. I mean shit, definitely shit) lap (crap) top. That may have been a bold statement, as I’m sure you will be unsurprised to know I’ve made several dumb investments over the years, from a designer Italian, pink studded leather jacket in the 90’s (it wasn’t in then and it certainly won’t be making any kind of revival in my time; pretty sure even the charity shop would laugh me out the door) or like the time I invested in a load of Hanson memorabilia in the hope of them becoming collectables (one single and one top of pops performance later that blond surfer trio disappeared into the ether, one may assume grounded by their mom..still)

Note to self: Watch more dragons den.

Anyhow I’m digressing from telling you just how incompetent you really are.

Allow me to continue-

Three times this laptop impersonator has broken in the 4 months it’s unfortunately been in my possession. Three times I have taken to social media to ensure you know just how I feel about that. I awarded you a commendation for your “shitness” (that’s a word) and informed you that the mouse mad had the skills of a 30 year old jobless virgin who lived at home with mom (incapable of hitting the spot) I told you that its usage was somewhat similar to repeatedly punching myself in the face (sometimes this may be deserved but I still have a host of other things I’d rather be doing) In fact every aspect of its features and software are about as efficient and high tech as a walrus in quick sand (bloody useless and I may imagine, quite annoying) 

I feel this is the best way to let you know you illegally sold me insurance (that I didn’t need) AFTER it had broken, telling me this was the only way it could be fixed as it was out of guarantee (after 6 weeks?!) Really?! But thank you for informing me of this system change, next time I break my leg I’ll drag my ass into Bupa.. “please retrospectively cover this injury, PC World says this is how it works.. no??”

We’re now two loan laptops into the fiasco, the equally impressively shit Acer you have lumbered with has two missing keys and operates at about the speed of a slug through glue…. Sorry I just lost my life (and made a brew) waiting for it to catch up from two paragraphs ago.

My (dodgy and unrequired) insurance policy covers me for a ‘fast’ turnaround repair service. By fast I would like to clarify that 7 days in PC World is similar to the time it took Forest Gump to run across America.

One new mother board later.. craptop returned in all its pristine… wa&kness.. all the errors miraculously… STILL THERE.

I conclude that you are taking the proverbial piss

I further conclude that to rectify your abysmal customer service, an Apple Mac or Lenovo would suffice as a replacement.

The saga continues..

Sincerely (Up) Yours

Diva x 

Your product. I previously likened your Mousepad to a 30 year old Virgin who lived with his mum (incapable of hitting the spot) in hindsight I believe this was far too complimentary.. This douche is at least 45, jobless and his own mother wouldn’t house him. Usage of this laptop I can only liken to repeatedly punching myself in the face!

Sincerely (up) Yours

Diva x


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