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Forget Sexting, its all about the Multi Text (apparently) @JessicaB_Diva


Lads how often do you Multi text?

Let me set the scene. Great night out.. Drinks are flowing… smashed, it’s that time when the night is coming to a close.. You haven’t found the girl of your dreams.. But you don’t want to go home alone right?! Your up all night till the sun, your up all night to have fun, your up all night to get lucky 😉

There is only one thing for it.. The Multi text

Lads, you know the score, backups, last resorts, favours “hi babe, what you up too?” Press send (30 texts later to your little black book) you wait.. Now how you play it from here is your choice, is it first come first serve? Or is there one or two your banking on to get your late night kicks?

I’ve even known the Multi text go only to chicks on the same network to save costs.

How do you compose this list I hear you ask?
Something like….

The sure thing
The comfy bed
The full English breakfast
The lift home
The wild card
The last resort
The ‘Pass me that vodka’

I’m not saying I agree with technique of drunken men… but being a guys girl I can safely say that I have been privy to all these methods over the years. After a recent survey of my male friends it appears this is more common than I thought…

So ladies if your name is Amy, chances are you feel pretty special, being the first in the alphabet you probably get a load of these. However the Zoe’s of the world, likely hood is your not getting laid (unless no one else is up and he’s rummaged through the entire alphabet.

I thoroughly enjoyed my market research on this.. mostly as it had me in stitches, couldn’t actually believe that my friends regularly practice this! With a couple recently falling victim to the ‘pass me the vodka’ demographic. That said, back in the day I maybe wrote these rules, a girl needs options right? I was also informed during market research that I was potentially part of a Multi text years ago (lucky me being a ‘J’ and all) apparently I should be grateful these days being nearly 30 haha (Jezzz I hope their is more romance than the multi text on the cards)

Do you believe in monogamy?


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