We just watched the RED BAND trailer of SCHOOL DANCE movie on and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a special feature on The Girls of School Dance Movie.

The film cast consists of Bobb’e J.Thompson, Mike Epps, George Lopez, Katt Williams, Wilmer Valderrama, Dashawn Omar Blanks, Kristinia DeBarge, Melissa Molinaro, Jasmine Sanders and Amber Rose.

But we are not going to concentrate on the guys, we are only interested in the girls and they are all so very sexy.

So here’s 6 UBER SEXY images from the girls of School Dance Movie in not particular order.

Melissa Molinaro – Follow her on instagram

Amber Rose – Follow her on instagram

Jasmine Sanders – Follow her on instagram

Luenell – Follow her on instagram

Kristinia DeBarge – Follow her on instagram


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