Home News Glamour Model Helen Best Defends #BBUK Mate Danielle McMahon @CLASSICFOX @ModelHelenBest

Glamour Model Helen Best Defends #BBUK Mate Danielle McMahon @CLASSICFOX @ModelHelenBest


Helen Best also a glamour model expresses her views on the big brother house and how she feels her best friend Danielle is being victimized.

Danielle may be a catholic and has her belief’s, but I was surprisingly shocked when people judged her more for not sleeping with anyone. It was almost like it was more acceptable to have a one night stand than to wait for that right person.

Danielle McMahon - Helen Best

She is a strong woman what knows what she wants, yes she is opinionated, but also a very loyal, trustworthy and protective woman who has a heart of gold. Danielle is reserved. but she is on there because she has a difference about her, and that’s what the show want. Danielle lacks the ability to let things go over her head, but she has the balls to say it how it is.

When Tamara said she’s a glamour model, that’s an image not an attitude, of course as models we need to possess the right attitude for the job, but she isn’t a porn star, not even a topless model, there is nothing rude about a woman who wears lovely underwear.

Danielle apologised to Helen for her actions, I felt it was unfair that it was thrown back in her face. People label glamour models without knowing them.

I am a glamour model, she is selective about her friends and can’t stand fakeness. I I’m well spoken, I’m not up my own ass and I am as genuine as they come, that must be why she loves me so much lol… easy to get on with. Anyway who needs a man when she has me in her bed at the weekends 🙂 not to forget her coco too, her little dog.

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