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Helen Best: The British beauty used to be a builder @ModelHelenBest


The 5ft 4 blonde contestant for Britain’s hot talent next top glamour model tells us what we what she got up to before she turned into a model.

What can I say about life on site.

What a great laugh, ill never forget the first day i walked on site to ask for a job, wasn’t your usual builder with tattoos, stubble and a builders bum, just some innocent cute looking girl who everyone thought was viewing a property to buy. X

The next day I turned up all suited and booted with my steal toe caps, shorts and a little vest top, I remember the gangs having a little whisper about me and expect they weren’t sure why I was there. But however they were more than happy to share their site with me knowing that they would get a sight of me at work.

I previously worked in Watford knocking down a wall and helped lay a patio so the guys were shocked when I got there and started knocking up a gauge of stone muck.

We were a big gang on 12 and me being the only girl I got away with murder, and was always asked to chase Ashley the fork lift driver about the blocks that needed to be lifted on to the bays, Anyone else he might of bitten their heads off, but with me it was always certainly flower lol. I think that we had an advantage with me in the gang.

I fitted in perfectly; having a great sense of humour gained a lot of respect as one of the lads. Ladette shall I say. If anyone throws a joke at me, id throws one bigger and better back.

Lunch time was funny, I would either stay in the garage with, my gang or I would travel around the site and randomly meet new gangs to chat to.

You know there is always one gang that feels that they own the canteen lol, well I was allowed access into those no go areas, I guess it may of been my assets that let me get away with a lot of things.. hehe

There is always a builder who has a box full of value and ready made tins because his misses is pissed of with him as they haven’t had sex in weeks, Old man Baz who’s wife always leaves the same old dirty spoon in his box, And you have the guy who has the spot on lunch from his misses, and every gay envy’s it… either she is insecure or he must of been hung like a donkey id say.

And the microwave, its like the front seat of a car, everyone wants to get there first, and for the state of the place, you can tell a women hadn’t stepped foot in there before, so I have it a blitz, they used to love me bending over across to wipe their tables, and they would always ask me to fetch their lunch from in the fridge, all because they must of loved the sight of me bent over.


I used to pop in there before lunch and tamper with their lunches and swap Peoples fruits and crisps around, they would look confused for a second when opening their lunch, then eat it thinking that must have been what I had, then I would tell them after.

Talking of fruit, you can imagine the looks I got when I pulled a banana out from my bag. It was all eyes on me, so I would look up at everyone with a cheeky grin and break bits off and put it in my mouth, and they would all smile back at me.

Back hard at work I was throwing bricks up to build a chimney, after you Helen everyone would say when it came to climbing the ladder, oh my god can you imagine their faces if I wore a skirt to work, ha ladies first I used to think, always a reason, lol normally use that line when they want to charm a lady into bed…

The sun made working conditions intense and the guys striped off, I thought if only I could, Helen you can do what you like my love they would say, Me strip off, I don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention my myself when we are working on price work, ill put everyone off their job, so I had to just tuck my vest top up into my bra so I could tan my tummy.

Oh my god it was so hot working up on the roof, my shorts just kept getting shorter and shorter. Working hard and sweating, throwing ice-cold bottles of water over me,

In the mixing bay the other gangs become distracted as I bend down to shovel sand in the mixer, I thought the site of me in goggles would be off-putting, but god I think they must have loved it lol, because not a lot of work got done with me around.

I spent my time making brick and stone gauges, filling gabble ends with fire bags, keeping spot boards topped up, nailing kingspan walls.

When the day was out I would slide 20 foot down the ladder like fire man Sam in 0 to 30 in a split second. Then we would all walk homes.


Fridays were great half days then everyone buys a round in the pub, FUNNY TIMES………………

Sadly the gang got laid off but I happened to be offered a job with all the trades on site, ha I wonder why, face it Helen, you work hard I thought and being a girl is just a bonus.

I took work with CG Fry & Sons as a site labourer and was allowed to dominate the builders if I wanted.

I took deliveries, the delivery guys loved coming on site to see me. I unloaded kitchens and appliances, loaded materials on pallets for the builders, maintained the security of the site,

Never forget the day I stretched my leg  across a load of  batten to cut the band and got caught and ripped a hole in my cute little  lycra shorts, right on my right bum cheek, Rodger the dodger would purposely call me over so I would have to walk away with some cheeky flesh showing.

I had a go in the telescopic fork lift and was practicing all the levers, god I was multi tasked and picked it up fast, gutted I never rode the dumpers, I’m sure the guys wouldn’t of minded if I jumped on their laps so they can show me the ropes as they go.

For any of you girls out there having a peek at your guys mag right now, don’t judge a guy on the reputation of his job, that is something I had learnt on site, builders are not all players, on the whole they are normal people making a living having a crack to help the day go by, I used to mess around and whistle at them telling them to get their hairy legs out…. he he, it’s all about having a crack to make the day shoot by.

God I miss you guys, I think I will be coming back to work at some point.

To all you builders out there (RESPECT lol)  Littlehiney loves ya mwha x

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Photo’s courtesy of Danny De Santos Photographer


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