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I AM ALI – Mike Tyson reveals how Ali got him into boxing


We have for you, the first clip from I Am Ali, a new documentary film in cinemas and on DVD and digital download from the 28th November. It shows Mike Tyson discussing the impact that Ali had on him and how his guidance and influence got him into boxing.

The film offers unprecedented access to the boxing legend, with talking heads from every spectrum of his career and life, and a wealth of brand new material including his own personal recorded telephone conversations which he kept throughout his golden years.

An intimate and heart-warming look at the man behind the legend – as we’ve never seen Ali before. Experience Ali’s extraordinary story, as a Fighter, Lover, Brother, Father- told from the inside for the very first time, including his daughters, son, ex-wife and brother, plus legends of the boxing community including Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Gene Kilroy.


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