Home News Fetishism, Bang and Emily Ratajkowski art nude coffee table books (NSFW).

Fetishism, Bang and Emily Ratajkowski art nude coffee table books (NSFW).


While browsing online for a new set of art nude and collectable photographic coffee table books, I happened to come across Imperial Publishing’s website which featured books, Fetishism, Bang, Emily Ratajkowski art edition and more.

The Emily Ratajkowski art edition is a Limited Edition Photobook featuring an Original Polaroid Series of Emily Ratajkowski. The 32 page book at only $40 has been released and there is only 250 of them available.


Here’s a sample of what inside the Emily Ratajkowski Limited Edition Photobook

Following on from the Emily Ratajkowski Limited Edition Photobook, I started to look at Bang!


Bang! Volume 1 is the intriguing latest Imperial Pictures publication! A dark and saturated, surreal and cinematic narrative of sexuality at one of its most pivotal points in history. The fantasy of the female at its climax.

Bang! Volume 1 cost $25.00 and features original writing by Jacq Frances

Sexy, isn’t it? If you like this then you will probably like: A Study In To Fetishism Volume 1 & 2.


The Fetishisms Manifesto Vol. 1 is another collectable book which was inspired by the under-the-counter nudie mags of the 1950s, Fetishisms Manifesto is a unique erotic publication curated by Amy Hood showcasing the photography of Jonathan Leder.

Vol. 1 features photographs of: Emily Ratajkowski (“Blurred Lines”; the upcoming Gone Girl), Amy Hood (Promiscuities; American Ecstasy), Britany Nola (Playboy Playmate 2013), Marlo Lavonne, and more.

The Fetishisms Manifesto Vol. 1 cost $18.00 and if you are looking for a thought-provoking photo book, then the The Fetishisms Manifesto Vol. 1 is a must have for any coffee table. After flipping the pages of this glorious photobook, you would be hard pressed not to have amorous thoughts running wild throughout your mind.

And if you happen to buy Volume 1. You will have to buy the brand spankin’ new, It’s Fetishisms Volume 2!


The 2nd series of this erotic publication by Amy Hood and Jonathan Leder is aesthetically sophisticated, entirely analog, and uniquely intimate, A Study in Fetishisms, is a bi-annual collectible at $20.00.

Do ‘Blondes’ really have more fun? This second volume of ‘A Study in Fetishisms’ embodies the idea of ‘Blondes’ – from dirty to platinum. It is a tribute to the spirit of America, it’s fascinations with life, glamor, beauty and tragedy, and to the women that made, and continue to make, it possible.

Starring Molly Constable, Kayslee Collins, Lindsay Jones, Jeanette Laven, Amy Hood and other lovely ladies and you can read an article about this on Dazed & Confused.

If you want to go one step further, you can also purchase a signed, Limited Editoned Prints of Polaroids for $350.00. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer.

For more information, simply visit www.imperial-publishing.com


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