Home News Introducing Model Katherine G. Our new blogger to ladswishlist.com @KatherineGModel

Introducing Model Katherine G. Our new blogger to ladswishlist.com @KatherineGModel


We’ve found another for you all. Introducing Katherine G, our newest blogger to the ladswishlist team. Every week we will be following Katherine on her journey and she will be writing us an exclusive weekly article for your viewing pleasure.


How did you get into modelling?
I’ve always been a big fan of the gym since high school, keeping fit helps your mind, body and soul. Modelling on the other hand was really a coincidence I was always getting stopped and told I had a great look and height at the age of 16 but I never knew how to go about getting a shoot or building a portfolio, I met a guy in a club in Liverpool at this point I was 18/19 I instantly fancied him we got talking and exchanged numbers he was from London we met up a good few times and it turned out he used to model he convinced me to do a shoot and I just went on from there really building my links as I go on. I Love it!

What other talents do you have?
I am I would say a creative person, I am also a trained make-up artist looking forward to going back to college in September and studying a more intense course for special effects, I have a diploma in business administration and I am very business minded. I have a big love for fashion also and putting things together outfits, patterns, colours, jewellery I like to look different.


Why are you excited about blogging for ladswishlist?
I think its a great opportunity for me its something I enjoy doing for my modelling, but with lads wish list there’s not so many boundaries I have to stand which is great because I can talk about things I wouldn’t usually talk about on my modelling blog, am really looking forward to the discussions and hearing about what other people think.

Whats been the highlight of your career so far?
It has to be for me the opportunity of meeting and working with so many inspiring people and being able to travel to so many different places.

We found out that you are single. Is it ok for a woman to ask a man out on a first date?
Yeah why not, ok so everybody says it should be the guy who asks a girl on the 1st date but its the 21st century, he might be hot but he may also be shy!


Name one thing a girl should never do on a 1st date?
Talk about her ex (Giggles)

Tell us guys 1 do and 1 don’t do on a 1st date?
Don’t make a load of stuff up to try and impress her… be yourself
Do be a gentleman open the door for her give her a compliment

Do you have a girl code?
Yeah course between me and my two wifey’s 🙂

Name 3 places you would like someone to take you on a first date?
Steak House
Hot air Balloon
Surprise me I love surprises

Katherine-Georgina-2What features do you look for in a guy?
The first thing I look at is the smile… the trainers and his height they are a must, but its not all about good looks he’s gotta have a cool personality also no girl wants a good looking idiot!

Whats the worst date you have been on?
Probably when my friend took me up to derby to meet her bf and she tried to do the double date thing with me and his other mate he was cute but totally crazy he hounded me for a kiss and called me fern cotton throughout the whole day, I escaped and took the first train home.

Whats the biggest misconception about the opposite sex?
This is a tricky one, hmmmm I better be careful what I say. At one point I would of said that all men are the same but that’s not the case there are some good ones out there, I’m not really a sexiest person I paint up a picture by how people are with me how they treat me. but guys with money need to pipe down where not all after your money you know.

And finally finish these sentences.
If a date was going really badly I would… probably try make the best of the situation but not call him again.
If I really like a guy I could possibily… see a relationship blossoming
On a first date, I would never… start talking about ex boyfriends things I don’t like, to much information about myself

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