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Introducing our one to watch for 2014 actress Adi Alfa @miss_alfa86


Actress, model, MUA, and star of web series “The Adventures of TBoy” as well as star of upcoming web series “The Method of Love”, Adi Alfa, recently agreed to have her brain picked a bit by Ladswishlist.com. She held back no punches as we inquired. Read what happens here…

1. As an Actress, what would you consider the role of a lifetime?
*And what would be one role you would NEVER play?

For me a role of a lifetime would be to play an action hero from a comic book… I love supernatural films, surreal action movies. I would also love a really gritty film which had an important universal message. I believe films are a way of communicating through art, they can be very powerful and effective at spreading a message.

I would never do a porn or a role which involved having sex for real. I don’t care if it won Halle Berry an Oscar or Sharon Stone an academy award nomination, fair play for having the balls to do it but I’d rather not go down that route.

2. In the movie about your life, which actor or actress has the steamy love scene with your character?
*Why that person?
*What would be the title of the film?

In a movie about my life I’d like Tom Hardy to get involved or Ryan Gosling or Jamie Foxx Only for their acting talents of course!

The title of my film would be We all Need Someone like Adi! Haha not that I’m blowing my own trumpet or anything!


3. Finish this sentence, “Friends with benefits is a good way to ________.”
*Are you single?

To get your head f**ked. There’s always a guy who will get too attached at the end of the day! It ends up complicated!

I’m not single no.

4. If you were proposed to (marriage) by anyone in history, dead or alive, who would it be?
*And where would they propose?

If I was to be proposed to by anyone in history I’d like it to be Malcolm X, strong courage and a game changer!

I’d like him to go on television whilst he’s making an amazing speech and just pop the question, just as he’s done so loads of roses will have been delivered to my house, a camera crew would be there to get my answer, then they’d whizz me to my guy in a helicopter where he’d be there holding a huge Tiffany diamond ring!then we’d fly to fig I or somewhere…I don’t ask for a lot…

5. What is the most romantic place you have taken a flight to?

Probably Hawaii and that was with my friend haha so hardly romantic, but it would have been magical with a guy!

6. Are you a member of the “Mile High Club”?

Cheeky. No I’m not. There’s always time though

7. Pick one: “Open or Monogamous”


8. Finish this sentence, ” Six inches or better is how I like my ________.”


9. “Commando, Thong, or Boy Shorts”?

All three depending on the circumstances, all have their purpose.

Interview by Lex Young
Photos by SNHFOTO


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