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It’s 2014 and Tattoo’s are becoming more and more popular so why are they still being discriminated in workplaces? @KatherineGModel

Its 2014 and we are an Inked society… tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with more and more men and women being inked everyday, There is now over 254 studio’s in the UK and counting, With one fifth of British adults now having some sort of tattoo. Being in the modelling industry you will also realise that’s its not just about a small tattoo anymore a lot of men and women are getting sleeves added (whole arm tattooed) there backs covered and many other parts of their bodies.Personally I love tattoo’s with a few myself I know how addictive it can be, I also know how costly it can be with an hourly session starting from around £60-£70 on average. There’s also different tattoo conventions that take place in the likes of London, Birmingham and a few other cities around the UK where tattoo artist’s meet up and even tattoo lovers,  But if there so popular nowadays why are Employees still so against them?

Not everybody is a lover and a lot of people have mixed opinions, about them. Some people just don’t believe in “wrecking your body” am sure you have all heard that one before some people think they look tacky. But a Majority of Photographers don’t like to work with tattooed models although their are many that do, Employers refuse to take people on because of their tattoo’s they say its unprofessional or require for them to be covered But surely if where getting something inked into are skin its a part of who we are, a meaning to each of us, something personal or what ever your reason some people just love them, so why should we be made to hide them?

I once applied for emirates airline this is something I would love to do, I went for a cabin crew job where I would be based in Dubai flying to countries all over the world… After sitting the initial interviews and the introduction process I decided I was going to give my all I really wanted this job. I made it through to the final 5 at this stage they asked you what languages you spoke and whether or not you had any tattoo’s. Knowing a little Arabic I thought I would fly through this but unfortunately after making it clear I did have tattoo’s I was dropped! Without any feedback, So does this mean I’m any less of a air hostess because I am inked?
This has been a re-occurring situation in many job roles with other companies asking employee’s to keep them covered or to a minimal is it right that the inked are discriminated like this?
I would love to hear you thoughts and options on this so please tweet me @KatherineGModel or email me  Katherine-georgina@hotmail.co.uk
I will be Interviewing varies people over the next month on this issue so keep your eyes peeled 🙂


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