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Kara Tointon 13 sexiest images EVER! To celebrate the release of Last Passenger @ktointon


We liked her in Eastenders, we LOVED her in strictly come dancing and now she is back and coming to a DVD near you. Kara Tointon stars in Last Passenger which is out on DVD and Blu-Ray 27 JANUARY 2014.

To celebrate the release, we have gather her 13 sexiest images EVER, right her on LadsWishList.com for your viewing pleasure.

Lewis (Dougray Scott – My Week With Marilyn, Mission: Impossible 2) jumps on the last train leaving London, heading home after a long day’s work. Striking up a relationship with the flirty and beautiful Sarah (Kara Tointon – The Sweeney), he soon realises this is going to be a journey to remember, but for all the wrong reasons.

In the sleepy and abandoned carriages stop after stop are missed and Lewis, with five other remaining passengers, end up on a ride of a lifetime as the train hurtles relentlessly down the track. Hijacked by a vengeful sociopath who is hell-bent on crashing the speeding train, all six strangers must work together if any of them are going to survive this death ride which is destined for destruction.

LAST PASSENGER comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 27 JANUARY 2014.


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