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Karlie Kloss dancing in undies for Nile Rogers “I’ll Be There”


Karlie Kloss is looking amorous and seductive in the new Nile Roger’s “I’ll Be There” video, could this spell the end of the ‘Video Girl’ as we know it?

Let’s face it, its 2015 and how many ‘Video Girls’ names do we actually know? Hardly any unless you are a die hard fan of video girls shaking their booty’s in Hip Hop or RnB tracks.

Nile Rogers who hasn’t released an album in over 23 years, enlisted model Karlie Kloss to dance in his new video for “I’ll Be There” and she has done a fantastic job. The video see’s Karlie Kloss in a red slightly low cut jumper with black panties and long white socks in a living room, doing sexy poses and dancing on the floor. The classiness of the video means that its generally safe for anyone to watch. Its not overtly sexual, yet it still has all the elements needed to keep you enticed until the end.

Towards the second half of the music video we see Karlie trying on different outfits as well as arriving at a club and its all styled in a 70’s theme, which is perfect as 70’s fashion is back on trend. Did they time this to coincide with the latest fashion trend? I have not idea.

Now let’s return to the opening question, could this spell the end of the ‘Video Girl’ as we know it? It’s not like we have never seen supermodels featured in music video before, the classy rappers have sometimes opted not to use a video girl but instead to use a super model. Here’s a couple of examples:

“Change Clothes,” Jay-Z Feat. Pharrell. Models: Naomi Campbell, Jessica White, Liliana Domínguez, Eugenia Volodina and Omahrya Mota

“Blurred Lines” Robin Thicke Feat. Pharrell Williams, T.I. Models: Emily Ratajkowski

And its not just the boy’s that are doing it with the girls, the girls are doing it with the girls too;

“Yonce” Beyoncé. Models: Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman

“Te Amo” Rihanna. Model: Laetitia Casta

But wait a moment, let’s go back a little further. The pop and rock stars having been doing this for years.

“Freedom” George Michael. Models: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Tatjana Patitz

“November Rain” Guns N’ Roses. Model: Stephanie Seymour

So could this spell the end of the video girl? Probably not, however I doubt we will see a video girl have the same reputation as the old school video girls like Melyssa Ford, Ester Banks, Vida Guerrara, Lauren London and others.

Add thing along with female artist creating videos featuring themselves in the most provocative clothing and poses and shaking their booty’s like there’s no tomorrow, maybe video girls are now simply background objects as the artists and supermodels take more of the limelight.

Using a supermodel in a music video, seems to have a way of keeping it classy. Maybe its the simple fact that smaller boobs and butt seems to feel a little less sexualised. Take a look at Nicki Minaj in Anaconda

If you like big butts and you cannot lie, then maybe the video girl will live on. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

I’ll leave you in the hands of Rihanna until we meet again.


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