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Katherine G, Diary of a Model #4 @KatherineGModel


Whats Up Lads WishList. Ready To See Some Smoking Hot Fashion From David Vassou’s Latest Collection!!!

So I take looking good very seriously… If you look like sh*t you feel like sh*t, take pride in your appearance and your set for anything really…

This week I hooked up with my bestie of about 20 years David Vassou, he’s normally just my hairdresser but this guy has talent!! Major TALENT!

Whilst at school he trained as a hairdresser, after school he went straight to art college because where about that #Art #Life meanwhile he studied Fashion and Photographic Make-up then went on to University at John Moores in Liverpool Where He is studying his second year of fashion.

He mentioned a few times he wanted me to model some of his designs, So this week we finally hooked up David took my measurements a few days later he was back with a outfits, The designs he made where all for his uni project. On Thursday morning we headed down to John Moores Uni.

I Was Kinda Shocked to be totally honest David you never fail to amaze me!! My hair and make-up was done within 20 minutes the studio was not even ready for us. When i finally got on to set the images where building up fast! we flowed through the whole thing of course David was my photographer, make-up artist, stylish and editor, He did an amazing job i have worked with so many people in this industry and never came across someone so talented and laid back whilst doing everything on the shoot with no help what so ever.

I hear his plans after University are to Travel to London and do journalism he eventually wants to run a fashion magazine so this guy is definitely one to watch out for in the future!! He also runs a clothes line at the moment so go check out @ARCOVELI New lines available soon









Follow David Vassou on Twitter: MRdaveyboy Insta: DavidVassou


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