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Katherine G, Diary of a Model #1 @KatherineGModel


Whats Going On LadsWishList? Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I’ve been a busy bee in Wolverhampton I had 3 shoots this weekend in one day. Wasn’t really sure what I was letting myself in for!! Early start and first shoot of the day with a lovely local photographer called Edward Robert, Has a studio not far from Wolverhampton city centre.

I’ve been itching to shoot with Edward Robert for a while now after browsing through various modelling and social networking sites his images always caught my attention he has this classy style and I really love it…

sneak preview ED Robert

We had two hours shooting time and about 6 different outfit changes, we had already exchanged idea’s in the weeks coming up to the shoot so we had a solid idea of the things I was after. baring in mind this was the first time I have ever met or worked with Ed so its always a bit nerve racking but he was so cool and laid back which put me at ease after laughing at me appearing at the train station in my rollers (typical Liverpool Girl) we made are way to the studio. We created so many cool images I have chosen I few which I will be using in my portfolio and on some projects.

Whilst in Wolverhampton with half a day free it made sense to use this time and work with some local midlands photographers, after posing a casting call I had a great number of responses. Reading up on references and past work I decided to work with two other photographers, Wes Sherriff Photography based in Leicester and Calvin James based locally in Wolverhampton…

Photography by Wes Sherriff
Photography by Wes Sherriff

My second shoot of the day was with the lovely Wes Sherriff Photography again another photographer I have never met or worked with. We planned to shoot at my hotel Wes wanted to create some lingerie images for portfolio use. The images he sent me as idea’s where very soft, classy and light. After walking around the whole world to try and get to my hotel, I met wes a little later than planned. We headed straight to the room to set up and I needed to do some quick touches to my hair and make-up, The shoot just seemed to flow from start to finish. Wes is great to get along with he uses a lot of different light techniques and create a lot of different effects that we where trying to accomplish. from a models point also he is great if there’s anything that’s not working or works well he will tell you. I am planning some other stuff with wes as I have a few projects I want to work on he also works closely to a make-up artist so am looking forward to future plans.

Last but certainly not least my final shoot of the day was with mr Calvin James another local photographer.me and Calvin did a little planning but not much and at this point baring in mind its now 5pm I was feeling a little tired, so I was unsure how this was gonna go… after setting up lights and a quick outfit, hair and make-up change we were off. Using my idea’s folder to give me some posing inspiration, we planned to work from lingerie to nude. again calvin was great, friendly and easy to work with making the shoot easier for me. we did a lot of shots at the hotel before taking over the bathroom and the mirror, he used some gels to great some colour and different lighting techniques also, after 2hours of different ideas and lots of shots we called it a day. Calvin had edited an imaged not long after the shoot and sent it over to me which got me really excited to see the rest….

Photography by Calvin James
Photography by Calvin James

All in all my trip to Wolverhampton was great I really enjoyed working with these three fabulous photographers and I will be uploading more and more images from each shoot over the next couple of weeks via my blogs and facebook and twitter so keep your eyes peeled. Now I’m going to chill out and enjoy the rest of my time here before heading back to Liverpool







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