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Katherine G, Diary of a Model #2 @KatherineGModel


Hey everyone. Hope you are all having a blessed week?

Sorry I haven’t been around for a short lil while it’s been a hectic month for me and I’m just looking to get back on top of everything this month.

I’ve been up and down the country shooting and at events it’s been fun. I was in southport mid February working with a photographer Colin pierce he’s helping me create some Z Cards, we still have another shoot planned for this week as we need a variety of images.

There’s one thing I’ve been dying to talk about…. That’s my Full Body Painting experience at Blackpool pleasure beach body painting show!!! On Saturday 22nd Feb I teamed up with a lovely lady called Cree who’s a professional face/body painter. It took 6 and a half very very long hours to complete the whole look we created an alien bride using all kinds of different colours and brush techniques to create the look, the general public where invited in to the dressing room where me and 7 other models were getting painted before we hit the stage to catwalk are designs.

The whole event was organised by simon smith who is very talented at the subject. Over all it was a great experience and a chance to network with some talented individuals


This weekend I took a short notice trip upto London to shoot some images with a good friend of mine. London is one of my favourite cities as there is always so much going on. Even though I am no stranger to London I still haven’t visited any of the places that make it one of the most famous cities in the world as I am usually working or at meetings, so on Saturday I took some time out with my girls and visited London Bridge it’s such a beautiful place I felt like a little tourist.

Then afterwards we met up with my good friend Leonard Foster from Flavourmag & LadsWishList who you all should know ( my boss ) haha who kindly invited us to DNA Clapham junction for a club launch night it was a good night and I look forward to my next trip up.


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