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Katherine G, Diary of a Model #3 @KatherineGModel


Whats good everyone… So I have been a very busy lady this last couple of weeks. Some of you that follow me may already know I had the chance to go back to Newsham Park Derelict Hospital on Sunday 23rd March.

Newsham Park Derelict Hospital

My two good pals Mark Boadey find his work at www.markboadey.com and Richard Bradbury at www.richardbradbury.com booked me to shoot with them. Mark really wanted to try and get some ‘Levitation’ shots, So after looking up some images of inspiration I really wanted to get a vintage white dress this what going to work really well with what mark had in mind.




So everyone knows in Liverpool if you want something vintage where’s the best place go… Obviously the Liverpool vintage fair that runs every couple of months at The bluecoat building in town (behind primark) its a market with lots of different vintage stalls in 3 different floors, if you are a case for shopping like me then you’ll love it. I found a stall called Arubia Vintage, Twitter/Instagram @ArubiaVintage she had the most unusual, unique pretty vintage dress i just loved and had to buy, she has all kinds of cool stuff give her a follow.



All in all the day at Newsham Park was a success, its a really cold abandoned building with very little facilities for models yet we still created some really cool stuff take alook at some of the images I hope you like them i will be using them for a future project so stay tuned for that 😉


Last Wednesday I took a trip up to my second, but most favourite home town London!!! to meet up with The lovely Leonard Foster Creator of all great things including Ladswishlist.com and Flavourmag he wanted to shoot with me, test me on the camera, I had the opportunity to go up to Richmond and shoot with Photographer Simon Howard. Londons definitely the place to be for all you aspiring models theres so much opportunity there and always work for any model whether it be fashion or art nude.

Its a great place to network, and make new contacts in the industry I advise any model to go over to london get involved in shoots and meet new contacts.



Tv presenting

TV Presenting is something I have always been interested in doing, I’m open minded and love getting involved in anything that will benefit my modelling career, my mum got me a course in pinewood studios to learn the basics of TV Presenting, it was a full day course there where 15 other people there some models, some actors and a few others from similar career paths. The guy running the course was Joe Forrester he has presented various things from Showbiz news to channel 4 programmes.

It was Really nerve racking at the beginning as I had to stand up in front of complete strangers and introduce myself, what I do, where I’m from in front of the camera as well remembering to keep good body language /posture and tone I talked about modelling and my blog.

The second task was to present a competition reading auto-cue from the screen which was a lot harder than I thought but at this point my confidence was on the up and the last task my favourite was the co-presenting I teamed up with Aisha James @AishaJames and we presented a showbiz news show… the showreel will be up later in the month with some behind the scenes and I have something up my sleeve for this as well in the near future So watch out for that.

Thats all from me Over and Out
Katherine Georgina xoxo


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