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meundies.com always makes me envious and a tad jealous


You’re probably wondering why meundies.com always makes me envious and a tad jealous? Is it the undies? Is it the models, the videos, the photo shoots, the ethos behind the brand??

It’s all of the above and more and here’s why. I’ve always dreamt of launching a lingerie/underwear brand. I even tried to create a very small line a few years ago but it didn’t work. I made a set of panties, had the logo designed and nearly went as far as doing a photo shoot for the new line.

Then something hit me and I realised that the brand was far to plain to create any kind of wave in the underwear market. I decided to put a hold on creating my undewear line until I find that unique selling point that would make my brand stand out in the multitude of brands on the planet.

So back to meundies.com, I love their high waisted large waist band short shorts. I love their videos and promotional campaigns. I love their photo shoots and models. Their brand is very similar to how I would have liked my brand to look and feel.

Take a look at their March video below featuring Cailin Russo and Dathan Shades

Now take a look at their February video featuring Rina Karuna and Joshua Slack

And this Home Alone video with Julia Lescova is simply salacious

The list continues. Now can you see why I’m a tad envious of this brand? Remember the Beyonce 7/11 video, where you see her dancing around in the same style of panties? Oh my Oh my, imagine if I launched a brand and got Beyonce to flash my knickers in her video…

The dream continues below in their faces photo shoot

Still not convinced? See Love Struck below

It doesn’t even end here, looks there’s so much more, see The Valley below

I’m telling you, if I ever do get to launch my underwear line, I will become creative director extraodinaire and live my dreams through photo shoots and amorous videos, until then I will simply have to live my dream through meundies. Follow them on facebook and twitter and instagram and see for yourself.


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