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Reasons why I really like Miss Polly Rae


There is something seductively alluring about Miss Polly Rae Between the sheets that compelled me with velocity to write this article. Being totally unaware of Miss Polly Rae until I recently show an advert for the ‘Between The Sheets’ Show, I decided to take a closer look.

After visiting Miss Polly Rae’s website and facebook and twitter and a quick google image search, I realised that I was immediately hooked on this neo-burlesque performer and her shows. Miss Polly Rae is the ultimate Agent Provocateur.

Luckily for me and you, Miss Poly Rae will be performing Between the Sheets at the London Wonderground Festival – Southbank Centre in a visually spectacular 90 min’s show on Thursday 18th June, 16th and 30th July, 9th and 17th September 2015.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets is an intimate cabaret, celebrating all things ‘in the bedroom’, the hilarious and risque romp is bursting with a dynamic mix of song, dance, comedy, circus and glamourous innuendo that not only encapsulates traditional burlesque but also explores the darker, more erotic side of striptease.

I’m really excited about this show. So I also took a look at one of her previous shows called ‘The Hurly Burly Show’ which lead me to the conclusion of “Where has burlesque been all my life” or should I say “How did I manage to not get into burlesque much sooner?”. I am now starting to question myself about all the glorious and erotic things I have been missing out on such as the Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School: Where Life Drawing Meets Cabaret, see image below.

Dr Sketchy

Dr Sketchy’s is the world’s premier alternative drawing movement. Started by artist Molly Crabapple in New York. Dr. Sketchy now attracts audiences in over a hundred cities across the globe (including New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Melbourne) it’s the little Brooklyn event that has exploded into an international phenomenon. In the London they have beautiful burlesque performers, bizarre circus acts, and rippling hunks of man-flesh. They then let them loose on stage for you to sketch in an atmosphere of artistic mayhem. In between each round of sketching you get a chance to grab a drink get comfortable and take in some of the finest cabaret the big smoke has to offer. Hosted by Dr. Sketchy’s evil headmaster Dusty Limits. It’s what art classes would be if the class was let loose in the Moulin Rouge.


I digress, but it was worth it. So back to Miss Poly Rae. I saw this photo above of Miss Polly Rae which reminded me of the Opium advert featuring Sophie Dahl. I remember being a younger man and literally standing there, completely hooked on this image. Every time I see the photo, I get a very nostalgic feeling of enchanting magnetism which literally grip’s me for a while until I am able to shake it off.

Opium Sophie Dahl

Any person or photo that has the power to bring back that nostalgic feeling to me is a winner. Can you see why I literally got hooked on Miss Polly Rae like a fish on a fishing rod? A couple of clicks on the world wide web and snap, I was captured.

I decided to place this gallery of Miss Polly Rae here for all of you too see her divine beauty, the images are stunning and Miss Polly Rae is quite magical. Can you imagine what life would be like if Miss Poly Rae was your girlfriend? Maybe that could be the title for another article. ‘Imagine what life would be like if Miss Polly Rae was your girlfriend’, I’m already ecstatic by the thought of this.

Miss Polly Rae 34

Do I really need to continue writing? I think not. So instead I will let the images speak for themselves.

Miss Polly Rae 23 Miss Polly Rae 22 Miss Polly Rae 15

And here is a video of the Hurly Burly Show. Sit back and enjoy!


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