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No One Likes A Harasshole, by @EmmaCBikini


“Alright darlin.” “You need help babe?” “Do it this way.” “Let me spot you.” “You’ve got a great arse.”


Not quite how you planned it would go? Then stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention!

I’ve been training in gyms for over 3 years now, weight rooms with the guys to be more specific. I’ve seen and experienced it all. Way too much cringe to mention! And it can leave some guys feeling confused and embarrassed when the girl they’ve had there eye on turns them down in front of the whole gym.

So, where are you going wrong? Let me shed a little light and hopefully she will soon be yours…

#1. The Wolf Whistle
…and any other comments you may have.
Never do this. It’s intimidating enough for a girl to go to the gym and be judged solely by the way she looks as it is, but please don’t draw attention to her and your animal attraction. Keep it to yourself.

Get it right…
If anything, compliment her on how you notice her physique has improved or how she looks so motivated. Maybe even compliment her outfit and ask her where she got her leggings, because you need to get your sister a birthday present.

#2. Put Your Shirt Back On
There’s nothing worse than seeing a guy outwardly self admire himself in the middle of the gym. The mirrors are for checking your form, not for you to flex and pretend you’re an underwear model.

Get it right…
Keep it covered. Keep the mystery and be classy. Leave your ego at the door. Girls love a mysterious, strong man. Plain, round neck T-shirts are proven to have a better reaction than stringers and wife beater vests, with baggy shorts and a nice pair of trainers. So dress to impress!

#3. The Know It All
Chances are, she has been given a workout plan designed specifically for her for a particular reason. So don’t tell her what she should and shouldn’t be doing.

Get it right…
Ask her if she needs a spot. Or take an interest in her workout plan and try out one of her exercises. It’s nice for a girl to know a guy isn’t afraid to say he doesn’t know everything and values your opinion. Asking her advice will make her feel like your equal and may open a door for you to pair up and spot each other.

#4. The Stinky Guy
You’re going to the gym and you’ll sweat anyway, so that t-shirt will do for the 3rd or 4th time in a row, right? No. If you want her to avoid you even more, leave it for the 5th day. That should do it.

Get it right…
Girls love it when you make an effort no matter what. So have a fresh outfit for every gym session. We look out for top qualities in every man. It’s one small box for her to tick and doesn’t take much effort. She’ll be more likely to approach you, or become attracted to you if you smell amazing!

#5. The Mid Set Chatterbox
If you’re mid set, you don’t like anyone talking to you. So don’t do it to her.

Get it right…
She’ll appreciate you paying attention to what she’s doing and talking to her at the end of her workout. Ask her how it went and compliment her. Ask her what she’s training for. Door = Open.


#6. The Screamer
You’re throwing massive weight around and screaming through every rep.
She can hear you over her headphones on full volume. It scares her…

Get it right…
It’s not about the weight you lift, but how you lift it. Be smart about it. Girls like a guy who practices intellectual methods in the gym. It makes you appear more interesting and she’ll probably approach you for advice this way. It will also help achieve better results physically for you anyway.

#7. Every Day is Chest Day
If you want to end up having smaller legs than her, then go ahead…

Get it right…
Girls love a man with a Rugby players’ legs and bum! Train legs twice a week and once that door is open, ask her if she wants to train them with you. Girls are obsessed with training legs and glutes! They appreciate practically ANY help with them. Research the most effective exercises and teach her.

#8. The Giggler
She walks in. Sets up her weights. And does hip thrusts. This leaves you red faced and giggly with your mates and you can’t keep yourself from making some sort of pervy comment. Chances are, she can do heavier than you.

Get it right…
Do hip thrusts. It improves hip flexors and builds your hamstrings, glutes and works your lower back. If she sees you doing an exercise that is stereotypically more for women, she is more likely to be drawn to you and feel a connection.

#9. The Gang
You never train without your guys and you all walk in and take over the gym and everything in it in the loudest way possible.

Get it right…
Have your guy-time, that’s allowed. But once in a while separate yourself from the crowd and do your own thing, go to the gym alone. She’ll be less intimidated and more likely to pay more attention to you.

#10. Mr Competitive
So you opened that door and now she’s talking to you and showing an interest. But you can’t help your competitive nature and come across arrogant.

Get it right…
Let her win. Let her be better at something than you. Maybe she’s a faster runner. Maybe her form is better than yours. Let her know about it and make a big thing about it in a playful way. Stroke her ego not yours.

Just try a little harder and take a step back. You’ll be fine. And remember. No one likes a harrasshole! No one.

By Emma C Bikini



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