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Pole Dancing Demystified @JahJungleLion


So, what is the first thing to come to mind when someone mentions Pole Dancing? Chinese Acrobatics? Maybe. Fitness competitions? Perhaps. Scantily clad ladies dancing around, climbing up, and sliding down an actual pole? Yep, that’s about right. Although each of the aforementioned associations with the term “Pole Dancing” are also correct. So unless you are a firefighter, the moment you see a vertical metal pole in the middle of a room, the next thought may usually be the amount of singles in your pockets. But just as the associations with the term itself vary greatly, so do the actual styles of Pole Dancing. What you experience in Central London or Manhattan will almost certainly not be the same experience in Carol City Miami or Downtown Atlanta. Or even if you and your gals went to learn the “art” at a fitness studio, certainly differences will be had there as well. But what are the differences you may ask? Well, first you have to ask what geographic location you are visiting to experience Pole Dancing.

Spearmint Rhino Central London (or similar establishments): What you may find at this Gentleman’s Club where Pole Dancing is practiced is closer to what you MAY learn in a Pole Fitness studio. A place where you may see more “classy” dance moves centered around the pole itself, slightly acrobatic, and movement of the whole female physique during the dance routines. And usually on an elevated stage. The women are typically slender with very few skin blemishes on the body. And usually will pole dance topless only.

Black Gold Club of Miami (or similar establishments): Not really termed as Gentlemen’s Clubs, these are called Strip clubs. And usually these clubs where Pole Dancing is practiced are generally located in areas where, depending on how late you get there, you may be “propositioned” before you even enter the club. Pole Dancing in these establishments are a little less than a full contact sport, extremely acrobatic, and when not doing other worldly moves on the ceiling atop the pole, the dancers will tend to focus their dance moves on their behinds and twerking variations is standard.

image003 And the stage most likely will be ground level. The women vary, but tend to be more on the “healthy” side with backsides that should have their own birth names. Cesarean scars and stretchmarks are in abundance. And the Pole Dancing is usually done completely nude. Cue Nelly “Tip Drill” music video.

Allure Pole Dance and Fitness Studio of L.A.( or similar establishments): A actual instructor-led fitness studio. Open to all wanting to learn to Pole Dance and usually taught by a well fit instructor in boy shorts, tank top, and heels. The moves taught here are not as overt as, say, Black Gold, but are certainly more involved than you would find at Spearmint Rhino. All participants get their own pole to follow along, unlike Gentlemen and Strip clubs. And is a real workout. (apparently)


So there you go. If you want to know about any more differences, get your singles and learn for yourself.


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