Home News Pretty face: Check. Muscles: Check. Lean Torso: Check. Noodle legs: CROSS @JessicaB_Diva

Pretty face: Check. Muscles: Check. Lean Torso: Check. Noodle legs: CROSS @JessicaB_Diva


Dear World.

Forgive me for I have transgressed on a moral law. Today you are my confessional.

Ok ok I’ll admit it, this is a big deal to me and it’s taken a while to pluck up the courage and tell you all but it’s been playing on my mind for ages, I just have to get this off my chest. Please I beg you, do not judge me.

My name is Jessica Bennett and I used to live with a guy who everyday was chest day, there I said it, he didn’t train legs, his legs were half the size of mine, noodle legs… And he was shorter than me.

I feel better. I’m glad we did this.

Please don’t unfriend/unfollow me. I’m sorry x

Guys, listen up, seriously, don’t be that guy! Every gym has one (normally many) I can’t begin to explain the gut wrenching disappointment when I see a hot guy in the gym…

Pretty face ✔️
Muscled, vascular upper body ✔️
Beautiful “V”✔️
Lean torso ✔️

Training hard.. Gets my attention.. Slowly my eyes assess’ from the head down.. Yes yes.. Ticking lots of boxes.. Then BOOM noodle legs :(((

I literally feel CRUSHED, it’s like finding out that the Easter bunny is nothing but a retail chocolate pushing scam :/

Make your wheels a priority! Chicks dig that! Think balance to your physique! Think performance! Think function!

I can’t speak for the entire female population but for me it’s a total turn off to see such a bad imbalance in a guy’s physique. Everyday can not be chest and arms day! Legs respond best to volume, train them twice a week and focus your sessions around compound moves, alter the stimulus (weight/rep range) to force adaptations (growth) Squats- Front Squats, Jefferson Squats, Split Squats, Step ups, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Lunges, GHR, Good Mornings.. The list goes on and on.

There never is nor will there ever be any excuse to never train legs

Don’t be that guy!


Diva xx

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