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Propels RC Remote Controlled Helicopters: The Amorous Party Toy


You’re probably wondering why I’ve called the Propels RC Remote Controlled Helicopters, ‘The Amorous Party Toy’? Let me explain.

This is a based on a true story yet it happened by sheer luck. What’s even funnier is that it has now happened on 3 occasions, which leaves me to conclude that its one of these below. Its either something to do with the thoughts of women or it actually is an amorous party toy.

Let me explain. It all started when I was playing with the Propels RC Remote Controlled Helicopter in my apartment. I was having so much fun that day, flying it around my apartment, using the one handed joystick controller and getting used to being a pilot.

After I had finished playing with the Air Combat helicopter, I started looking for a home for it in my apartment. I didn’t want to hide in a cupboard so I decided to place it on my DVD case in the living room.

Thinking nothing of it, apart from the fact that it looked really cool on my shelf, I left it there and continued with my life. One day I invited some of my female friends round for dinner. After serving up a michelin style 3 courses for them and a few glasses of wine, one of the ladies said “I’ve been thinking this all evening, but didn’t want to say anything” referring to the joystick controller she then said “That black thing on your DVD shelf reminds me of a big fat dildo”. Slightly embarrassed and blushing I quickly said “No its the remote controller for the Air Combat helicopter”.

Does the controller really look like a "Big Fat Dildo"?
Does the controller really look like a “Big Fat Dildo”?

I asked the other ladies what they thought and they all concurred saying “Yes we where all thinking the same thing”. With that in mind I asked “Would anyone of you like to have a go with the dildo, errr I mean joystick”? They quickly all gathered around, I then showed them how to use it and they all started playing with the dildo. Even when I tried to remind them that’s its not a dildo, its a joystick controller, it didn’t change their minds. From hence forth my beloved joystick was now called a dildo.

Let’s me explain. Once a group of women or a woman starts thinking about a dildo, her amorous thoughts starts to flow. Only god knows what was going through their minds while that where playing with the dildo, but what I can say is that what started off as friendly and generic conversation, quickly turned into salacious stories with explicit sexual content. Kerrrr-Ching!!!!!


Can you imagine, having a group of women in your apartment, all making themselves secretly moist with you not having to do anything? Its like manner from heaven. The same thing happened when I brought a date home. She saw the DVD shelf and wanted to watch a movie with me. Even though my shelf is filled with over one hundred DVD’s, it was the dildo that got her attention.

Teaching her how to fly was a treat, using sexual references like “Treat it like a man’s penis, start of slow and then gradually go faster”, “gently does it” etc and before I knew it, she was riding me, I mean flying my helicopter like a professional. I still don’t know what it is about the dildo looking joystick that grabs a women’s attention. None of my male friends have ever referred to the joystick as a dildo or a sex toy.

Is it simply the fact that it looks like a dildo to some women? or do women have amorous thoughts with anything that resemble’s their sex toys?

All I can say is that the Air Combat helicopter done most of the sweet talk for me, it managed to get 2 of my dates naked within minutes of them playing with the dildo and if all those women at the dinner party where not close friends of mine, it may have got them all naked too.

So forget chat up lines, if you want a lady to have amorous thoughts in your house, get yourself an Air Combat helicopter, place it in plain view in your home and simply let them play with the dildo as soon as they mention or notice it.

Who would have thought a remote controlled helicopter could bring so much fun to both men and women eh? The Air Combat Helicopter is the ultimate boys toy for girls.


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