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Salacious sofas: Opium, Urbani, Confluences and more.


There was a time in my life when I used to dream to about walking into the Ligne Roset store and buying a salacious sofa called the Opium which at the time was designed by one of my favourite furniture designers Didier Gomez.

Opium Sofa by Didier Gomez.
Opium Sofa by Didier Gomez.

This was many years ago and I can’t seem to put my finger on how or why I feel in love with this product and why I obsessed over it for so many years. I used to look at the all white version of the Opium and think about the wild nights I could have with the ladies when they arrived in my smart pad.

I used to say, “When I get my apartment, I’m going to get the Opium sofa from Ligne Roset”. Many of my friends at the time, hadn’t even heard of Ligne Roset, so they where oblivious to what I was referring too.

The truth is, I didn’t ever get a chance to buy the Opium sofa. I do remember visiting the store in Goodge Street and speaking to the sales rep but it was literally to big for any apartment/flat that I was in at the time. Plus having recently had a baby, my dream of having a stylish bachelor pad was smashed into tiny little pieces.

Today I woke up and decided to take a look online at Ligne Roset and see what treat’s they have to offer. I found this truly stunning and contemporary sofa called confluences.

Confluences Sofa
Confluences Sofa – By Phillipe Nigro

I don’t think I have seen anything quite like it. It’s bold and daring yet remarkably simply and stylish. I know I am not a colourful furniture type of man, and my wardrobe reflects that too. I usually go for shades of the same colour and if in doubt, black, white and grey never fails me.

Confluences Sofa - Top view, in shades of blue.
Confluences Sofa – Top view, in shades of blue.

However I would actually take a leap of faith with these and maybe, just maybe I’ll decided to add a dash of colour.

Confluences Sofa - Yellow version
Confluences Sofa – Yellow version

Who am I kidding? Knowing me after a bit of deliberation in my mind (don’t ask who I am actually speaking too, I really don’t know) I would end up with an all white version.

I also found this sexy little number. The Didier Gomez Urbani range. The straight lines and hard yet soft looking style of these sofa’s below fit my style perfectly. One look and you will know they are super sexy and stylish, but not in your face shouting “hey everyone look at me”.

Another designer that caught my eye at the time is Patrick Norguet. Sleek lines, modern and almost futuristic look and feel. Patrick Norguet will be on my hit list when its time to purchase and could he pip Didier Gomez at the finish line? Who’s knows only time will tell.

Modulierbares sofa by Patrick Norguet
Modulierbares sofa by Patrick Norguet

Although I am not one for soft furnishings, I would have to get a few scatter cushions for these little bad boys.

Manhattan Sofa
Manhattan Sofa

I do hope you like my salacious sofa collection. I am a minimalist at heart, so all of the above sofa’s work for me and my style. I would love to hear your comments and opinions on the selection.



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