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The Laws of Attraction @JahJungleLion


Have you ever been on a first date or perhaps even caught the eye of someone in the same area as you, whom you found attractive and wondered if they felt the same way towards you? Of course you have. The muffin walking by you at the mall, or the hot spice in lane 2 at the grocers. It has happened to most of us. But instead of just wondering if she digs the cut of your jib the way you fancy the twist in her switch, you can actually know for a certainty. And without even saying a word.

The body’s reaction to attraction is pretty obvious, but you do have to know what it is to look for. For the sake of this discussion we will consider what to observe while on a first date. Although the same observations may be applied to other arenas.

eyes-popRemember in the cartoons when the male character caught sight of the female character, and how his tongue would roll out, his heart would nearly be beating outside of his chest, and his eyes all but popped out of his head? Wouldn’t you know that that’s actually not that far from the truth when describing what happens to our body when we find ourselves attracted to someone. Let us first consider the eyes. ..

While it is certainly true that our pupils dilate when we are in dimly lit areas, they also do that in order to take in more of something they like looking at. So when your date looks you in the eyes when your speaking and you find that those peepers are quite wide around, it may be a good sign that tonight will be a good night.

lipsThen there is the heart. Although far more difficult to notice, it will most certainly race when we are excited by attraction. The reason for that is that the brain receives signals to release certain chemicals into our body that causes that to happen. Chemicals like adrenaline and dopamine. And since adrenaline is one of the ingredients in that chemical cocktail your body is mixing, a racing heart will usually be accompanied by perspiration. I know a fellow who could take a woman’s pulse with his index finger while he shook her hand. But if you are not that clever, look for your date to be fanning themselves while around you or beads of sweat forming, especially if the environment you two are in happens to be well cooled. (of course, if your dating a cougar, it could just be a hot flash)

And there are many other indicators triggered by the body that will let you know if you are found attractive by your date. Reddening of the lips. Erratic breathing. Intense focus. Etc. So be observant. Just don’t be creepy while doing so.


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