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The Tattoo Debate Continued…. #2 Interview with model Jemma Lee @KatherineGModel @jamz_jemma


So recently I was talking about tattoo discrimination and how I have lost work due to my tattoos over the last couple of weeks i have spoke to various people from various walks of life to find out their views on my story and if they have also experience discrimination against tattoo’s them selves or a friend my have or whether they are totally against them.


So whilst I was at Blackpool body painting show I met a Model called Jemma Lee who had some amazing tattoo’s. I asked her a few questions on what she thought about my debate.


Interview One 
Name: Jemma Lee
Occupation: Model
Facebook: Jemma Lee Bolton

Do You have any tattoos?
Yes I do, I have multiple one on my body

How Many?
I have over 15 tattoos, My favourite is my zombie pinup on my thigh, this is my favourite because it’s unique and its two opposite things merged into one.

How old where you when you got your first tattoo?
16 I think

jemma-lee-bolton-2Why/what made you get your first tattoo?
Ive always loved body modifications and just wanted to get out there and get one.

How Do you feel about people discriminating tattoos?
I feel its wrong, at the end of the day its still a normal person with body art permanently on them. People shouldn’t because of how a person looks.

Have you or a friend ever been discriminated because of your tattoos?
Yes i’ve been looked down on as if i was not cable of anything and wouldn’t achieve anything because of my appearance

There Becoming real popular right?
They are but its upsetting to see that people are doing it for fashion now not because they like them but to fit in. They are permanent and when people realise when they’re older that they dislike them or their not in fashion anymore it will hurt them a lot more to get them lasered off.

Do you think people will start to accept them in the workplace/ in general?
I hope so because there are some hard working people out there that get turned down because people think that because they have body modifications they will do rubbish in the real world. when in fact some one with tattoos could work harder than someone without. We need to let those with tattoos be appreciated more and be allowed to work in whatever job they want regardless of their appearance.

What do you think of discrimination in the work place because of tattoos? Leave your comments below


  1. It goes without saying that it is unfair that people get discriminated against in the workplace due to tattoos, i think most people would agree with me on that, and although i don’t have any tattoos as of yet i am planning on getting my first one this year.

    The fact that more and more people are getting tattoos would hopefully mean that they are less discriminated upon, but its usually the older generation (who probably aren’t thinking about getting a sleeve done in their 50s’ etc) who have the more strong minded opinions against tattoos (in my experience anyway).

    What people have to understand is that like Jemma Lee said, they are permanent, and its probably not the best idea to get them just to ‘fit in’ unless you’ve thought long and hard about the decision of getting a tattoo, what you’re going to get and where you’re going to get it!

    Getting a tattoo that will be visible in the workplace (ie. on your hands, wrist, neck etc.) should be met with the assumption that it may go against certain companies dress code policies.
    A company that wants to uphold an image of being ‘cute’ or ‘family friendly’ (i.e a nursery maybe) may not have their best interests set in a potential employee who has their hands covered in tattoos and definitely not anything offensive in viewing sight of the public. As much as the persons own body and they should be allowed to do what they want to it, its the companies interest to maintain a certain image to reinforce their brand and ultimately make more money, as thats what business is about.

    There are of course other companies (like Monster energy drinks) that welcome tattoos and piercings. Monster may want to be seen as ‘extreme’, ‘young’ and ‘crazy’, so they welcome people that may look that way lol

    Anyway the point i’m trying to make is that tattoos traditionally hold a certain type of stereotype, and as much as i (22 year old male) wouldn’t stereotype someone who had visible tattoos, someone 55 years of age that’s in charge of hiring new staff at a company that you’re trying to get a job at just might.


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