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The Tattoo Debate Continued…. #3 Interview with photographer Jason Edwards @nmaphotos @KatherineGModel


Being a Photographer image is a very important aspect in their lives, I caught up with my friend Jason Edwards Who is a photographer nationwide and has worked with so many different models…

Interview Two Name: Jason Edwards
Based: North Wales/ Works Nationwide
Business: NewModelArmyPhotography www.newmodelarmyphotos.com
Instagram: nmaphotos FB: www.facebook.com/newmodelarmyphotography Twitter: twitter.com/nmaphotos

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Hello Jason 🙂 What is your view on tattooing your body?
This is the way I see it…   If anybody wants to tattoo their body, then that’s their prerogative. Its been done for thousands of years in various cultures around the world and is considered the norm. Personally, I have no opinion either way but i can understand both sides of the debate. However, would i like it if my wife had tattoos? I don’t know, but if I had to give an answer I would prefer her without ink. (for the record, she hasn’t got any). If I had a daughter and she wanted a tattoo, would i be concerned? probably. Is this hypocritical? that’s for you to decide. There’s a flip side to this – do I find models with tattoos attractive? I’d  have to say yes to this but only in some circumstances. Tattoos  (and any form of body modification ) is appropriate some of the work i do, such as skate/lifestyle/urban fashion shoots but there are other circumstances when tattoos would not look so good. it’s not personal in the slightest, it’s simply a case of what is most aesthetically appropriate for what I as a photographer am trying to achieve. A photographer *has* to be completely objective in such instances. As  for tattooing in general, I’m a fan as long as its done well!!!

Do you have any tattoos?
No, not one. Your talking to somebody who passed out having his ear pierced at the tender age of 22 (When i passed out, I rolled forwards off the chair and smashed my head against the hair dressers reception counter) Do i want a Tattoo? I have to say I would love a sleeve but if I’m going to be a total pussy about it, I’m going to end up with a half-finished mess!

Have you ever worked with a tattooed model?
Yes, and I fully intend to work with more. I deliberately searched for a tattooed model for a recent shoot I did, as I thought it would complement the overall effect. I think it worked well and I’ll definitely be doing more of the same this year.

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Does it make a difference if a model has tattoos or not and why?
If the question was whether i thought it made a difference, if a person has tattoos, then i would say not a bit, but that’s not the question. If a model has tattoos, then the model needs to realise that his/her ink may not be suitable for the commission. The bottom line is, a models body is a commodity. If that body comes with tattoos or any other form of body modification , then it may or may not be appropriate to be the photographers brief. Its nothing personal. In much the same way, if I went out and bought canon lenses for my nikon cameras, they wouldn’t be of any use. There’s nothing wrong with canon lenses but it wouldn’t be appropriate. It’s all about compatibility, However if a photographer chooses not to use a tattooed model, even if they’d be covered up and not visible in the final edits, then that’s just daft.

How do you feel about people discriminating tattoos?
A few years ago, I used to have a friend was very heavily tattooed, including his face, neck, head and even the inside of his mouth. When I first met him, I have to admit i did think he was probably some kind of a madman but as i came to know him as a person, I soon forgot about his ink and didn’t even give it a second thought. Maybe its fair to say I did judge him on some level initially but I’m a decent guy and I don’t like to think of myself as some arbiter of character purely due to somebody’s unique image. However, this needs to be balanced out. Apart from being a professional photographer, I work for a well-respected charity as development officer. I work with countless other community groups and charities but I have to think to myself whether it would be appropriate for me to have highly visible tattoos, particularly taking into account that I also have to deal with government ministers and high-level civil servants.
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Have you/Someone you know ever been discriminated because of their ink?
Off the top off my head, I can’t really recall anybody i know being discriminated against because of their tattoos but I can think of quite a few instances when people have been unfairly judged by their peers. I’ve never done it and i cant see why anybody else should either, but others will always have their own standards, morals and viewpoints, so far as I’m concerned, it’s always going to happen, it’s just human nature.

They are getting more popular now do you think people will start to accept them?
That’s a difficult question to answer, but I’d probably answer yes. Saying that I’m of the opinion that there are always  going to be prejudices and judgements made against people with tattoos and I can see these same questions being asked a hundred years from now. Arguably mainstream society has accepted them (due in part to their exposure in popular media) but whatever we do in life, whether it’s spitting on the pavement or growing a mohawk, getting inked or even having kids somebody in the daily mail will stick a knife in it. life’s way to short as it is, so the best thing you can do is not be a dick to others and be true to yourself. the trick is to not give a fuck.

What do you think of discrimination in the work place because of tattoos? Leave your comments below


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