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Top 10 bad ass female action hero film stars @JahJungleLion


In honour of international Woman’s Day on March 8th 2014, we here at LadsWishList.com have decided to pay homage to the 10 most bad ass female action film heroes. With no further adieu, lets jump right in with number ten….

10. Milla Jovovich


Model-turned-Actress, Milla Jovovich surprisingly blew us away in epic fashion when she debuted as an action star in Fifth Element. So much so that she soon after became the lead in the Resident Evil franchise. But “Leeloo” will always be her defining moment in film!

9. Angelina Jolie


It is obvious that Angelina Joie was the go-to female action star for a good long run at one time. Her action credits include such blockbusters as Salt, Tomb Raider, Mrs. and Mr. Smith, and my personal favorite of hers…Wanted. With lips like hers, she can curve any man’s bullet!

8. Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron, besides being a complete bombshell, is a bona fide action star. With credits like Hancock, Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, The Italian Job, and Aeon Flux, she is no novice to the game. However, I think that black body suit she wore in Aeon Flux should have its own Twitter account. hubba hubba.

 7. Sigourney Weaver


A Thorough-Bred BAD ASS! Sigourney Weaver was not to be trifled with. Especially when it came to her most notable action character, Ripley of the Aliens franchise. You cannot tell me she didn’t give those beasts the business when it came to it!! A one of a kind!

6. Zhang Ziyi


Ok. If you did not know who this beauty is, you were missing out. Zhang is a Stone. Cold. Fox. But cross her if you want to. Lest we forget. With credits like House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, she would probably disable you while arousing you from 50 feet away. Not that you would mind..

5. Zoe Saldana


So Zoe Saldana does not have a lot of action credits, but the few she has were pretty solid. Her action credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, Columbiana, Avatar (I know), The Losers, and others. But you have to admit, she is a serious looker. Even if she is pointing an anti-aircraft riffle at you.

4.Uma Thurman


The Kill Bill franchise could not have had a better dame to play the lead. Uma was an awesome ninja-kungfu-assassin-bride lady. Even now, it is because of her role in Kill Bill, that I still have that whistle tune as my mobile phone ring tone. We won’t talk about her “Poison Ivy” in that awful Batman and Robin snafu, but she was solid in flicks like Paycheck, Be Cool, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Mind her katana!

3. Grace Jones


Fearless. Bold. Sexy. These are just some of the words that come to mind when the name Grace Jones is evoked. She teetered on the masculine with her warrior antics while at the same time retaining her feminine wiles and charisma. When watching her in Conan the Barbarian, a man could feel guilty to want her. Yet she demanded your desire. To Grace Jones, we raise our glasses.

2. Michelle Yeoh


Still waters run deep. This is a saying most exemplified by the characters that Michelle Yeoh plays. A quite beauty with danger that somehow follows closely behind. Doing her own stunts and with so much grace and appeal. It is not a legit big budget kung fu flick if Michelle is not in it!! And wow, does she age well! I look forward to future projects with Michelle Yeoh in it. Some action credits: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Tomorrow Never Dies, Police Story 3, Tai Chi Master, and MANY others.

1. Pam Grier


And the number one spot goes to Pam Grier! The original Femme Fatale. During the 1970’s, no woman could sizzle the screen the way Pam Grier could. She had the wit, the lips, and the switch. Not to mention she knew how to unload a full clip. She brought to life iconic characters like Foxy Brown and Coffe that soon after became cult classics, especially when it came to blaxploitation films. Do yourself a favor before you die, check out any of Pam Grier’s films from the years 1970-1977. You will thank me later. By the way, she is still working!

 And there you are. Our top 10 baddest badass female action stars. Salute!

Do you agree with our Top 10? Is there anyone that you would have liked to have seen in our list?? Leave your comments below.


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