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Watch: Pixie Lott’s brand new video “Heart Cry”


Pixie Lott, recently announced some eagerly awaited details for her highly anticipated third album, to be released in Spring 2014. Pixie hosted a Google Hangout earlier this month where she exclusively revealed the news to 1000’s of fans tuning in from around the world. The album, self titled Pixie Lott, was recorded in New York and London and is her most personal yet. Inspired by her love of 1960’s fashion and soul music, the young British songstress has stamped her personality all over this record. Today, Pixie premieres the video for album track Heart Cry, an exclusive taster of the new record on VEVO and it can be viewed HERE. 

The debut single from Pixie Lott is confirmed as Nasty, and the track will premiere next month. Pixie fell in love with Nasty the moment she heard it – feeling it was the perfect bridge between 2011’s Young Foolish Happy and the forthcoming Pixie Lott. Written and produced by Jack Splash and Cee Lo, the track was being fought over by some of the world’s biggest singers, and Pixie flew to Miami to get her hands on it, knowing instantly it had to be her first single.

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