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Wearable Tech: Now Trending


Let’s be honest. Most of us were enamored by the wearable technology worn by our favorite characters in flicks set in the “future”. From the broaches that doubled as communicators worn by the USS Enterprise crew, to the smart jacket (a tuff design in my opinion, even by today’s standards!) worn by Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future 2. But what about the future that those films portrayed? For the most part, that is our day. Has any of that come to fruition?

google-glassWell, yes. In quite a few ways. For any Dragon Ball Z fans (DBZ), remember in the early nineties when that animation showed fighters coming to earth with advanced alien technology, one of which they wore over their eye?

google-glass1Enter Google Glass. Though not currently able to categorize the power level of the fellow sitting across from you on the Northern Line, the actual applications are impressive. Record video with the blink of an eye, translate signs you see into your native language, and even help improve your golf gamegoogleglasswiki. Planet Vegeta was certainly on to something. Find out more here… http://www.google.com/glass/start/

Then there is the smart watch movement. I really thought I had it going on as a youth when I could listen to the radio on my FM(only) watch. Now? Smart watches can send texts, take pictures, find your location, and even make phone calls. So the next time that cutie asks if you have the time, you can say, “yes, and more.” (without you actually being perverted) image007

What about those times you’ve hung out with the mates or went out on date night, and almost inevitably, liquid of some sort found a home on your shirt, leaving you looking like you can’t dine out without a bib. Wouldn’t it be nice to go out and come back home without a spot on your crisp white tee? Well, because of nanotechnology, that has become a reality. You REALLY have to see it to believe it, but a company out of California (Silicon Valley no less) has invented a shirt that repels liquid. Guinness, in all its glory, can now unequivocally become your greatest ally! See video here… http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/741186545/a-shirt-that-cleans-itself .

And it doesn’t stop there. There are smart rings for your finger, ladies will soon be able to don a fashion bangle that also connects them to their phone, and mobile phones that can bend. When it comes to technology, the future looks promising.


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